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COVID-19: travel-related information

Dear guests,

During this global pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has significantly affected the lives of many, we are faced with numerous new challenges.

Today, as always, the health and safety of our guests, employees and community remain our top priority. Therefore, we carefully monitor the coronavirus situation and take all necessary measures and actions in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Our thoughts go out to all people affected by this pandemic, and we would like to thank all health care professions for everything they have done so far.

Soon: opening of our accommodation units

Considering the favourable epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia, we are happy to plan the opening of our accommodation units in the near future. None of the Orebić Hotels employees or Orebić inhabitants have been recorded as infected with the virus. We implement all precautions every day to ensure a safe and care-free vacation for you, when the time comes.

Although we know travels are not a priority now, we would like to thank you in advance for your trust in Orebić Hotels.


  • 48-hour cancellation policy: all bookings which have already been confirmed or which will be confirmed reserve the right to cancelation up to 48 hours before the check-in time, with full refund.
  • Prices: we have special prices and discounts for season 2020, which are available on our website.
  • Re-booking for any date in season 2021 can be made according to this season’s terms and prices.
  • Modified surcharge policy: parking, deck chairs and parasols are completely free in all hotel areas.


Entering the Republic of Croatia

There is no self-isolation for foreign tourists (EU-citizens) coming to Croatia. You will be given an information flyer with the recommendations and instructions provided by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. To easily cross the Croatian border, you should enter your personal data in advance via the https://entercroatia.mup.hr/ website. Passengers who do not submit their personal data in advance will be able to do it upon entering the country at border crossing. In that case it may require more time and passengers will probably be diverted to a separate lane.

Safety of our guests, employees and community

Hygiene and cleanliness standards are our top priority, which we take very seriously. That is why we have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests, employees and community. The measures which we have implemented in our accommodation units are intended to prevent the spread of a wide variety of viruses, including COVID-19. We have also created a number of procedures and passed various decisions aimed at prevention, which allow for even stronger and more efficient cleaning measures as well as a more frequent and detailed disinfection of all areas.

Health care measures and procedures at our hotels include:

  • associate training: their health, safety and knowledge on COVID-19 are essential for an efficient cleaning and prevention program,
  • implementation of general measures for the prevention of the spread of infections,
  • availability of disinfectants for guests and employees,
  • disinfection of accommodation units and all service areas more frequently.

We will continue implementing these measures when we open our accommodation units, and we will adjust our operations according to new measures and instructions issued by the competent institutions.

Stay safe. We look forward to hosting you soon in our beautiful Orebić, where you can have a vacation you have been dreaming of. We will make sure you do. See you soon!



  Orebić Hotels - Health & Safety