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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Pursuant to Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, HTP Orebić d.d. issues the following



HTP Orebić d.d. in accordance with the Sojourn Tax Act and the Ordinance on the manner of keeping the register of tourists and on the form and content of the tourist registration form for the Tourist Board (OG 126/2015) is legally required to collect the following data from every hotel or camp guest upon their check-in or check-out:

  • name and surname, place, country and date of birth
  • citizenship
  • type and number of the identification document
  • residence (temporary residence) and address
  • date and time of check-in
  • planned date of check-out
  • date and time of check-out

In case you refuse to provide the above mentioned personal data to our employee at the reception, we do not have the legal basis to provide you with accommodation service in our facilities.

Your personal data are entered into the eVisitor system based on your ID card, travel document or any other appropriate identification document. According to the law, only the competent state bodies of the Republic of Croatia have access to your data in the eVisitor system.

Tourist registration and deregistration in the eVisitor system are authenticated based on a secure access to the eVisitor system through an authentication protocol that contains the entire process and conditions for safe and proper electronic registration and deregistration of tourists, as prescribed by the Ordinance on the manner of keeping the register of tourists and on the form and content of the tourist registration form for the Tourist Board.

Additionally, we can ask for your credit card number for the purpose of charging you for your stay in our facilities. If you refuse to give your credit card number to secure your payment, we are entitled to refuse to provide the accommodation service to you.

HTP Orebić d.d. does not transfer your personal data to third parties. HTP Orebić d.d. does not use your data for marketing processing. In case you wish to receive the newsletter about our products, first you need to consent electronically on our official website

The consent may be withdrawn at any time in the same way as it was given.

Pursuant to the Accounting Act, HTP Orebić d.d. is legally required to issue an invoice, which has to contain your name and surname as well as the type of service we provided. Currently, the legally prescribed period for storing issued invoices in the Republic of Croatia is 11 years. Upon the expiry of said period, the issued invoice will be safely destroyed. Invoices are kept in the Accounting Department. Only certain employees of the Accounting Department can access the invoices.


You are entitled to access your personal data by contacting our Data Protection Officer on the following address:


HTP Orebić d.d.
Data Protection Officer
Šetalište kralja P. Krešimira IV br. 13
20250 Orebić


Finally, we wish you a pleasant stay in our facilities! As mentioned earlier, your personal data are collected exclusively for the purpose of meeting our legal obligations, which contributes to your personal safety as well.


HTP Orebić d.d.