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Culture of Orebić

Ships, Religion and Star-Crossed Lovers

The culture of Orebić and the lives of famous Orebić captains are closely knit. They are told through a number of stories about the seamen and relics from past times. One of them, however, is quite special. Baldo, a son of a wealthy captain Antun Mimbelli, fell in love with a daughter of their Russian governess. Unfortunately, she was forbidden to him because of her modest upbringing in a different religion, and in turn, Baldo never got married. He kept living in Trieste and helping his hometown. He has been considered the biggest benefactor of Orebić to this day.

Captains' houses with splendid gardens called "korte" and items captains brought with them from the faraway journeys are yet another reminder of the glory days. Seamen families' gifts are also on display in the Maritime Museum counting 1000 museum exhibits.

Nowadays the culture of Orebić lives in the religious festivals – celebrations in the honour of the town's patron. In summer, you can enjoy guest theatre shows, exhibitions, classical music concerts and poets' encounters.

What's worth seeing?

  • Tradition of the Orebić captains displayed in the Maritime Museum
  • Art collection in the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of the Angel
  • Paintings by Celestin Medović in the Franciscan Monastery of the Church of Our Lady of Delorita
  • Art collection in the Parish Church of Mary Help of Christians
  • Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity in Kućište dating back to 1752
  • Neo-Renaissance fountains on the streets of Orebić
  • Captain Mimbelli's garden and house